Trovet Diet Food TROVET Unique Protein Dog Cat Horse 16 x 100g XHUKTNTOQ

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Suitable for hypoallergenic and elimination diets

What is an elimination diet
Does your dog or cat suffer from food hypersensitivity, allergies or intolerance Then you may want to put your pet on an elimination diet. The objective of an elimination diet is to find what nutritional component is the source of complaints and to remedy this. This elimination diet is partly prepared at home with the help of one of TROVET's Unique Protein foods. This product offers a single carbohydrate source (such as rice or potato that you cook yourself) and a single new protein source (TROVET Unique Protein food) that your pet has not eaten before. This new protein source is usually an animal protein that is not commonly used in commercial pet food. You can feed your pet TROVET Unique Protein food for 6 to 8 weeks. During this test period, you should not feed your pet anything else in order to be able to effectively diagnose the hypersensitivity, intolerance or allergy.

Unique protein sources:
It is important to select a protein source that your pet has never eaten before. You can choose from a range of flavours. If the choice of protein is right for you, you can choose to move onto one of the complete TROVET Hypoallergenic diet foods that are based on the same protein and carbohydrate source. It is therefore important to plan ahead which carbohydrate source you plan on feeding your pet during the elimination diet, taking into account the follow-on food.

Directions for use:
The initial recommended diet duration is 6 to 8 weeks. Available in tubs of 100 g (for cats and small dogs), 300 g (dogs) and 800 g TROVET Unique Protein Sausage.

Recommended for:
Food hypersensitivity, food intolerance and food allergies. The symptoms are often associated with gastrointestinal and/or skin complaints.

Key features:
Each product contains one unique animal protein source....

Trovet Diet Food TROVET Unique Protein Dog Cat Horse 16 x 100g XHUKTNTOQ

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