Terra Canis Senior Game with Tomato 12x 400g KNFNBHBKY

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Wet food with herbs to support aging dogs

Terra Canis Senior Game with Tomato
Aging dogs have different nutritional needs than puppies or young dogs. Furthermore, their digestion is slower and grains are digested much less efficiently. This is why Terra Canis Senior is grain-free. The goat milk in this food is easy to digest and ensures that your dog takes in all the necessary nutrients. Game with Tomato also contains herbs which support the vitality and help to reduce age-related discomforts. The fennel seeds and camomile support the stomach and intestines of your older dog.
Terra Canis
Dogs descend from wolves and are carnivores by nature; a carnivore that requires only a small amount of vegetables, grasses and grains. Terra Canis adapts to these natural needs of dogs. This is why the food contains muscle and organ meat, which is what the dog would eat in the wild as well. The food is supplemented with natural and fresh produce such as carrots, apples and courgettes. The ingredients in Terra Canis were originally meant for human consumption. The wet and dry food is free from pork, preservatives, sugar, colouring, flavouring or scents. The wet food is cooked in the tin, which ensures that no essential nutrients are lost.

Key Benefits
Without grains for better digestibility
Herbs to support vitality
Contributes to a healthy stomach and intestines

12 x 400 grams
6 x 800 grams

Roe deer and red deer muscle meat (61%), potatoes, carrot, tomato (8%), celery, apple (5%), organic goat milk (3%), dandelion, coconut flour, hemp flour, linseed oil, grapeseed oil, fennel seeds, horsetail, hawthorn powder, glucosamine, nettles, rose hip, powdered egg shells, mineral earth, pollen, seaweed (0.04%).

Terra Canis Senior Game with Tomato 12x 400g KNFNBHBKY

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