MPM PRODUC Applaws Cat Pouch Jelly Chicken & Lamb 70g pack of 16 ETRAJFLCQ

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Applaws Chicken and lamb Pouch in Jelly is a premium quality complementary cat food made using only the ingredients listed on the label. Each tasty pouch contains over 60% meat from only the finest cuts of fresh chicken and lamb which your cat is sure tolove. Applaws is low in carbohydrate and rich in meat protein encouraging the development of lean muscle tissue helping to keep your cat at a healthy weight. Many cat foods contain high levels of grains and cereals such as wheat, sorghum, barley rice andcorn, all a major source of carbohydrate which can be difficult for cats to digest. Surplus carbohydrates can cause stress to vital organs, weight gain and the development of dietary allergies. Our Cat Pouches with jelly are made with only the health andwell-being of your cat in mind. We use only the freshest natural ingredients to create Applaws and all our products are completely free from artificial additives, hard-to-digest fillers, harmful additives or meat by-products, sweeteners and colourings.• Made with 60% fresh chicken and lamb • Low in carbohydrate • Rich in natural meat based Taurine • In a light natural jelly • Made with only natural ingredients • Developed with veterinarians

MPM PRODUC Applaws Cat Pouch Jelly Chicken & Lamb 70g pack of 16 ETRAJFLCQ

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