Dingo Mini Bones Bonus Pack DN-99128 TUHGHBIYP

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Bonus pack includes 2 twist sticksTwo chews in one combo packMini bones are made with real chicken and packed with proteinTwist sticks wrap real chicken with premium rawhidePackaging may vary

Dingo rawhide Mini bones are delicious rawhide bones made with real meat in the middle. These bones are the perfect treating size for many sizes of dogs and help promote healthy chewing. Give one every day for a full dose of flavor and fun! this special pack comes with bonus Dingo Twist Sticks. Twist sticks offer a different form chew for your dog. Each twist wraps real chicken with premium rawhide for a different snack packed with the same great taste.

Dingo Mini Bones Bonus Pack DN-99128 TUHGHBIYP

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