cdVet Natural Products Insektovet Total 5 Litres XZTCKZPRS

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All naturalRepellentFor all types of TierOptimal protection against insects

Insektovet Total - more protection does not go... with Insektovet Total Cdvet has developed a revolutionary product with all the summer pests from flea and mosquito over brake to the tick effectively and sustainable tracks. The basis for Insektovet Total is a unique combination of different plant extracts and essential oils, the for the highly sensitive smell organs insects - No need to be a impenetrable Firewall smell nerves of people and Vierbeinern to strain. Thanks to the unique composition of pure plant-based materials is Insektovet Total Gentle on hair and skin The appearance of long-lasting and intense - A must have for any pet owner.Repellentz Usammensetzung: Citronella (Lemon Grass), clove, juniper, cedar, lavender Active Ingredient: Geraniol 1G/L Baua Reg Number N 61812ANWENDUNG: Insektovet Total Please sch

cdVet Natural Products Insektovet Total 5 Litres XZTCKZPRS

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