Bio Energy Plus pre-bagno Mask 250 ml Special One YBKQNLAFV

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Bio Energy Plus Mask Pre Shampoo useful to purify skin and hair oils residues and soot

Bio Energy Plus Special One is an innovative mask pre-bagno, highly concentrated, particularly suitable for revitalise, nourish and soften any type of Cape. Intenso and instantly works both as a beauty mask which as sanitising treatment for the skin. Its action provides maximum hydration and restructuring the hair and the skin, improves the textures and revives the natural colour of the Cape. Ideal for preparing the hair to cuts, for untangle and bio-integrare the mantle sciupati or damaged by environmental phenomena or aggressive chemical treatments. Composition: The wording Bio Energy is enriched by marine bio-derivati. These bodies contain protein and trace elements (including Iodine, mucopolisaccaridi, vitamins, and carotenoid) with a marked emollient, anti-oxidant activity, protective and hypoallergenic. Already after first application there is an improvement of the vitality of the pile and greater elasticity of skin.

Bio Energy Plus pre-bagno Mask 250 ml Special One YBKQNLAFV

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