AQUALITY thread Algae-Minus 2000 g DTLVSOVTZ

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Works quickly, safely and targeted against thread algae in the garden pondIn the active nitrogen the instant action for fast algae light,Mineral Live microorganisms in your pond additives aktivieren2,000 g is enough for up to 60,000 Litres of pond water

Aquality thread algae with 3 in 1 is a revolutionary product from the aquality research for your garden pond. Everyone knows the annoying problem not Long, slim style and green thread algae thanks to pull the entire pond and often the case that you've abgefangen, waxes you also in. Even more durable than conventional rolling back the cover in thread algae products are here often Machtlos. Aquality thread algae with 3 in 1 sets and where other stop exactly how. It not only removes the thread algae, but the special formula ensures to make sure that the surface is a type of algae significantly go back, and the pond from again not with lasting care.
Aquality thread algae with 3 in 1 contains of 3 products in one. The first phase helps to ensure that the cell structure of algae will be damaged, and it will slowly melt. The second phase brings the active oxygen in the pond, so that the Sauerstoffzehrende process of algae resolution no stress and strain on your pond and its inhabitants. And the third stage also activates the live microorganisms in your pond, so it does the break down of algae support and excess nutrients in the pond the thread algae also grow on before transplanting tying and untying. This not only means that you can tackle is a type of algae but combined with aquality thread algae with 3-in-1 sustainable to make sure that the algae do not come back.
Directions for use:
First measure the pH value in the pond. This should not be over 8.5 pH prior to use. You can make sure depending on load thanks to thread algae, preferably in the morning hours, 30 - 50 g M at 1000 litres of pond water.
Use biocide products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.
2,000 g is enough for up to 60,000 litres of pond water

AQUALITY thread Algae-Minus 2000 g DTLVSOVTZ

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