AquaBella Bio-Enzyme Fresh Water Treatment ZRDGPCBCC

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No water change for 1 year guaranteePromotes clean, crystal clear water; breaks down residue on gravel; and reduces stress on fishConvenient and friendly: reduces aquarium maintenance, saves you time and water, 100-percent organic ingredientsPerfectly adapted for aquarium cycling, fish breeding and sensitive ecosystemsTreats 5-55 gallons

AquaBella Bioenzyme water treatment is a revolutionary product that maintains the clarity and health of your aquatic environment for one year. What makes AquaBella so effective and different from other microbial products While others break down ammonia to nitrates (one step in the nitrification process), AquaBella carries the process through to completion, converting nitrites to nitrates and nitrates to dinitrogen gas that is released into the atmosphere. This fully cleanses the environment, as opposed to simply recycling ammonia and nitrates back through the water. AquaBella also has a higher percentage of anaerobic microbes than other products, promoting biological activity in the tank bottom as well as near the surface. This feature helps keep gravel clean of organic residues. For best results, clean/change filters and change water before AquaBella is applied. Tap water must be de-chlorinated before AquaBella is applied.

AquaBella Bio-Enzyme Fresh Water Treatment ZRDGPCBCC

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