Almo Nature Cat Food Jelly with Tuna 70g Pack of 24 DDDJKRWPC

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• high-quality wet cat food made from selected ingredientsContains absolutely no additives - cats love the simple, authentic recipesFreshly caught sea fish - no farmed fishUnique composition - one single main ingredient (75%), cooked and preserved in its own cooking water (24%), with 1% rice

Almo Nature Jelly is ideal for all cats and, particularly suitable as a summer food. It's gelatine content is a natural remedy for eliminating hairballs that cats ingest during their daily grooming routines. Additionally, the gelatine makes this a fresh food and prevents it drying up in a bowl. Almo Nature Jelly is a complementary cat food. Cats are strict carnivores and their natural preys are mice, small rodents and birds, which have a moisture content of 70-80%. Since this corresponds to most of the fluids required for survival, cats lack the instinct to drink water. The same applies to domestic cats who risk not taking in an adequate quantity of water if they are only fed on dry food. Hence the recommendation to always provide wet food and the essential bowl of water along with dry food. A diet that suits its nature requires ROTATION Almo Nature has found that no diet is really complete if it lacks rotation of all nutritional sources. Cats should be fed daily with: 60% (volume) of wet food 40% of dry food Rotating all types of white meat, red meat (a source of iron) and fish (rich in fatty acids) to guarantee the intake of all necessary nutrients.


Composition: tuna 51%, fish broth47%, rice 0.5%. Additives: technological additive: cassia gum 4315 mg/kg. Analytical constituents: crude protein 13%, crude fibres 0.1%, crude oils and fats 0.5%, crude ash 2%, moisture 83%. 497 kcal/kg.

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Almo Nature Cat Food Jelly with Tuna 70g Pack of 24 DDDJKRWPC

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