ALLERDERM SPOT-ON for Medium and Large Dogs 6 x 4 ml BXLFAQUOX

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Contains Skin Lipid ComplexHelp Repair Skin ConditionsHelp repair and restore the epidermal barrier in canineHelp Repair Epidermal Barrier in FelineTopical Skin Repair

(Please see Special Hologram Void) EXPIRE 09/2015 OR LATER. ALLERDERM SpotOn is formulated for use in topical skin care for dogs and cats with damaged or compromised skin. It is specifically formulated to provide adjunctive therapy for pets with skin disease. Ingredients: Contains: Ceramides and Fatty Acids Use: The application of ALLERDERM SpotOn restores the protective barrier function of the epidermis (skin), resulting in enhanced hydration, and more protection. Renewed epidermal integrity helps the skin help itself to stay healthy. Initial Dose: One (1) pipette per week for 4 weeks. In severe cases, two to three (2 to 3) pipettes per week may be used, up to one pipette per day if necessary. Maintenance Dose: To prevent relapses, and for skin and hair coat health maintenance, one (1) pipette per month. For best results, apply after bathing the cat or dog when the fur is completely dry.

ALLERDERM SPOT-ON for Medium and Large Dogs 6 x 4 ml BXLFAQUOX

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