6 Bully Sticks Select 30 pieces FUUEHNDNG

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All Natural Bully SticksFree Range Cattle - No antibiotics or hormonesCattle from Brazil OnlyLow Odor

USDA and FDA certified.

Bully sticks from Free Range Animals

These are Odor Free Bully sticks from Free Range Animals

Our Odor Free Bully sticks do not smell when chewed.

Our bully sticks are baked vertically. This ensures that the bully stick is thoroughly drained. Many of those that do have an odor are baked laying flat. This does not drain the contents of the bully stick (residual urine), hence there is an odor.

30 pieces 6" bully sticks
Medium Thickness Great for Small & Medium Breeds!
WE DON'T recommend these bullies for the aggressive chewers

Meaty Treats With the Flavor Dogs Crave!
All natural treats we sell at HappyDogPlace come from grass-fed, free-ranging animals.
Our raw bull sticks have no chemicals or preservatives whatsoever.
Bully sticks are naturally low in fat - even better for your dog than rawhide chews.

Highly palatable Bull sticks are easy to digest and become chewy when moistened by dog's saliva.
Naturally cleans teeth while providing dogs with a satisfying chew.

They are a great way to reduce tartar build up while satisfying your dog's instinct to chew!

6 Bully Sticks Select 30 pieces FUUEHNDNG

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