3d Aquarium Backgrounds x4 sections Light Brick for larger tanks Fast delivery from UK Company TXCIRUFWZ

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Brick design 3d aquarium backgroundFlat backhidden joints on multiple joined sectonseasy to shapeeasy installation

YOU WILL RECEIVE FOUR SECTIONS. These Stunning Brick design is an absolute stunner in any Aquarium due to its modern looks and the ability to really bring the colours out in all types of fish big or small. We all want our fish to look great and no matter if your keep Malawi's ,south american cichlids or even goldfish this background will definitely do that. Size of each section. length- 60cm (2 ft). Height-45cm (1.5 ft) With a hand finished detail depth of between designs from 2-5cm's. The pattern matching edges makes joins very hard to see and really gives the impression of a single piece large background Each Background has been manufactured using moulds taken from nature to get the best natural look and texture available. Our backgrounds are the home brand from the manufacturers of the Juwel Backgrounds and as they are purposely made for us they have undergone extra quality control stages and inspections. The finishing detail carefully gets added by hand and every product used is 100% aquatic safe The backgrounds have been designed and made for ease of installation and designs have flat backs to prevent any hurt livestock and to give a more secure fixing. They can be cut easily into shape if required with a sharp knife. Multiple backgrounds can be added together for larger tanks and this gives a stunning effect of one larger complete background. Channels can be cut to house any equipment cables or pipework neatly out of site. We do not advise using this design in a marine aquarium as the salt can effect the quality in a short matter of time. However, we have got a stunning dark cliff Pu design if you require a stunning background for a marine environment. We include an easy to follow installation guide, which basically consists of measure and cut if needed, then glue and hold in place until firm and set.

3d Aquarium Backgrounds x4 sections Light Brick for larger tanks Fast delivery from UK Company TXCIRUFWZ

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