2 x 2kg 4 kg Year-Round Food 3 mm KOIFUTTER Fish Food SPNBCMROW

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Product Description 2x 2kg bag sealed Wheat Germ 3mm high-density polyethylene all year round food inside the bag, can also be used Innenhl padding. Koifutter, fish food from German food factory. Koi Wheat Germ the health Frderndes lining with wheat germs optimal digestible wheat germ is a premium food; the Koi all year round to keep in perfect condition. In addition to fish products, vegetable proteins and cereals contains this feed Weizenkeime. Weizenkeime are rich in Vitamin E, Essential Fatty Acids, Minerals And Good Digestible. Many Koi owners decide for wheat germ, when the water is colder and falls below 15°C as this lining even in these conditions a Features and silky. Vitality Wheat Germ is supplied with a biotic, polysaccharides Charid, which acts as a breeding ground for the positive intestinal flora enriched. This positive bacteria are very important for a good intestinal health and this is for the overall health of the fish. Wheat Germ contains no beta-carotene Oide. It is for this reason that this food, does not cause any kind pigments included, ideal for koi and for an optimal contrast their colours. Composition: Wheat Fish Meal Soy extraction shot Dampferhitzt Weizenkeime Wheat sticker fish oil, krill meat yeast analy tables components: crude protein 37%, Rohfett 6% Fibre 1.6% rohasche 9.6% Phosphorus 1.3% Calcium 1.7% Sodium 0.3% Fish Meal and/or soluble fish protein, containing should not be given to fast access to Erkuer fed. This product contains or preservatives.

2 x 2kg 4 kg Year-Round Food 3 mm KOIFUTTER Fish Food SPNBCMROW

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