12 55 kg Dawn Chorus Fruitti Parrot Food FDDSRMUZY

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Balanced parrot dietContains essential vitamins and mineralsOnly natural ingredients

This complementary parrot food is formulated to provide all parrots with an interesting, varied and tasty diet. It is manufactured using quality ingredients including white sunflower, striped sunflower, extruded wheat fruit shapes, peanuts, monkey nuts, assorted tropical fruits, flaked beans, chillis, flaked peas, whole maize and banana. Depending on breed,size and level of activity, parrots will eat approximate 15-20% of their body weight a day. Feed as much fresh fruit and vegetables as they will eat but reduce the amount of other foods on offer accordingly. Always ensure that stale or left over food is cleared away and that fresh drinking water is always available.

12 55 kg Dawn Chorus Fruitti Parrot Food FDDSRMUZY

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